About Me

About Piper Almarie           wpid-Screenshot_2013-12-10-14-03-27-1.png

Welcome to Piper Almarie – A blog created to house art, my thoughts, poetry, life and pretty much anything else no matter how random!

My name is Brittany Klutz and I’m college student living in the Carolinas, really just trying to figure this crazy life out as I go. This blog is a way for me to connect with other individuals and share all the stuff that’s running through my mind all day. I am an artist, I love drawing and just recently I’ve started painting abstract pictures and portraits.  I’m a Gemini so I’m always in my head, I think of the most random, strangest things ever, but they’re really something to ponder. When I can’t sleep I like to have ”Late Night Thoughts” or write some quick poetry, which is pretty much me venting about what ever it is on my mind!

Why Piper Almarie?

This site is meant for bloggers to enjoy a little of my dysfunctional world and share their own thoughts on matters. It’s meant for the creative thinkers and artists who don’t mind thinking outside the box on unorthodox topics.

Stay In Touch

Subscribe to Piper Almarie and stay in touch with everything, drop by when you see something cool or when you get bored and have nothing else to do, either way you’re welcomed here. Feel free to connect with me on Instagram and Twitter, links are on the side.

Thanks for reading all that… I know it was hard!


One thought on “About Me

  1. I am always amazed by the colorful personalities I see here everyday. You are intelligent, attractive and gifted with art. Lucky you.

    Rock the world my friend. Learn from it and teach all of us too.


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