Life Is Definitely A Bitch


I’ve always heard the expression ‘life is a bitch and then you die.’ I’ve always had my reasons to give into the pessimistic view, but up until now I held my own. However, this week I finally realized that life actually is a bitch, there are a few things in between that and dying, but as a whole, it’s a tough one.

About two weeks ago I was kicked out of college after only being there for five days, only five! I was devastated, hell I still am. I keep asking myself what type of sick joke is this, why was this happening? The more I think about the past 2 months the more signs I begin to see, but who would have thought this would happen.

So now I’m stuck, disowned, neglected and just sad. I can’t even think about going back to a university until fall 2014, so now this gives me most of the year to get myself together. I have more free time than I know what do with, I think it’s time I get myself together and start new this fall.

Any ideas on what I should do to better myself, or do in my spare time? I have eight months…

Life has made a fool out of me today, but we’ll see about tomorrow. We will see…


One thought on “Life Is Definitely A Bitch

  1. Hey, i love your art. There is something mystical about it.

    If I were to suggest I would say you should break some guinness record. Like the world’s longest painting on the road or on a wall lr something completely unthought of. Maybe paint a small hill or grassland. This would give you a sense of achievement and also get you a calling card. Who knows where you go from there 🙂

    Good luck and Godspeed my friend

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