“Afro Shit”


I did this picture to experiment with shading with color. I have no idea where I got the afro, 80s inspiration from. What throws people off is the face of this afro woman, it’s so disfigured… But I like it.




I had a goldfish named Montey… He died within three days. It sounds bad I know, but no one told me I needed a filter for my goldfish! Anywho, he inspired this painting, the colors and textures are so beautiful.

I should probably finish it one of these days…


Life Is Definitely A Bitch


I’ve always heard the expression ‘life is a bitch and then you die.’ I’ve always had my reasons to give into the pessimistic view, but up until now I held my own. However, this week I finally realized that life actually is a bitch, there are a few things in between that and dying, but as a whole, it’s a tough one.

About two weeks ago I was kicked out of college after only being there for five days, only five! I was devastated, hell I still am. I keep asking myself what type of sick joke is this, why was this happening? The more I think about the past 2 months the more signs I begin to see, but who would have thought this would happen.

So now I’m stuck, disowned, neglected and just sad. I can’t even think about going back to a university until fall 2014, so now this gives me most of the year to get myself together. I have more free time than I know what do with, I think it’s time I get myself together and start new this fall.

Any ideas on what I should do to better myself, or do in my spare time? I have eight months…

Life has made a fool out of me today, but we’ll see about tomorrow. We will see…


Beauty Matters

DF Salvador

mona ace

You’re one of fifty-two people who mill about in a large room.  Each of you holds a playing card against your forehead.  No one knows their own card, but you can see each other’s.  The goal of this little game is to pair off with the highest card possible, but to accomplish this, your request for partnership has to be accepted by the other.  Of course the Aces and Kings are the most popular and they pretty much know right away that they’re the cream of the crop.  It’s instant mutual acceptance when an Ace requests to partner with another Ace.  It works fairly quickly with the Kings as well.  By the time this experiment is over, for the most part, Aces have paired with Aces, tens with tens, sixes with sixes, and twos with twos.

It must be kind of depressing being a two, being the last in the…

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