I never thought it would go this far so soon, as a matter of fact I was completely sure you were delusional. Somehow, since our first conversation until now, you have made your claimed love in me thrive. I don’t believe in fairytales and I’m surely not looking for my knight in shining armor, that’s bullshit. I know that, but lately you’ve made me wonder if believing in the magic is worth even a second of my time. You have so many things I don’t care for, yet you have even more qualities that I admire. You put me at a loss for words. I always have some sort of clever response to your witty comments, however when you tell me everything any girl would ever want to hear, I’m lost. I don’t know what I’ll do about you, but maybe if one of us can keep believing in the idea of a future, soon we’ll see what it holds for us both.

Maybe it’s time a girl dream…


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